Who are the people in your life that you want to see come to faith in Christ the most?

The Idea

When I was in college, my theology professor shared with the class that he had a Most Wanted List. His Most Wanted List was a list that contained the top ten people in his life that he wanted to see come to faith in Christ.

Ever since he shared the idea with the class, I have put it into practice in my own life.

Making the List

The hardest part for me was narrowing down my list to only 10 people.

After I narrowed down my list, I typed the names on a Word Document and printed them off.

I keep the list safely stored away in the back of my Reformation Study Bible that I read every morning.

Praying for the List

I try to look over and pray for my Most Wanted List once a day, after my morning Bible study.

In addition, I use the PrayerMate application on my iPad, and I have my Most Wanted List as one of the sections on there.

Changing Up the List

The most awesome part about the Most Wanted List is when somebody makes their way off the list.

I have been keeping a Most Wanted List for about four years, and I have seen three people come off my list and come to faith in Christ since I have begun.

Whenever somebody comes off the list, it is time to add another person to the list.

I am very excited to see how many people come on and off my Most Wanted List throughout the course of my life.

Start Your List

If you are not regularly praying for the salvation of lost people, then I would suggest that you start a Most Wanted List.

If you are praying for lost people, but not consistently or in an organized way, then I would suggest that you start a Most Wanted List.