Our local church has applied to receive financial relief from The CARES Act, maybe yours should too or maybe yours shouldn’t. Nevertheless, hopefully the information below is helpful to you and your church.

Background Information

Surely you are aware that the Federal Government has signed into law a $2 trillion dollar rescue package in response to the economic difficulties of COVID-19 called The CARES Act.

Out of the $2 trillion dollar package, $349 billion dollars has been designated to help 501c3 nonprofits and small businesses. According to the Department of the Treasury, local churches are included in the 501c3 nonprofit category, additionally 1099MISC employees that the church hires are also covered.

Helpful Resources

Here are two resources that helped our church decide what the best decision for us was (and will likely help your church as well), and also how to apply for financial relief:

  1. The CARES Act & Your Church
  2. How Nonprofits Can Benefit From the CARES Act

Closing Remark

If you have accurate, organized, and updated financial records, the application process is fairly quick and simple.