Here are twenty great quotes from John Patton’s Pastor as Counselor: Wise Presence, Sacred Conversation.

20 Quotes from Pastor as Counselor:

“It is okay to say, “I don’t know what I would do, but I would be there.””

“Modern pastoral counseling developed after WWII and dealing with PTSD.”

“The pastor needs to know when to defer to others.”

“The counseling that the pastor offers is based primarily on being there in relationship as a person who represents a God who cares.”

“The world we live in is filled with specialists, the pastor is a specialist of “relational wisdom,” the wisdom between God and humans, humans and humans, and human and creation.”

“The pastor needs to be ‘care-full’ and fully care about the holistic person.”

“You can’t learn to counsel from books, but you need to have face-to-face supervision and hands on experience.”

“Referring people to a specific person is way more effective than referring them generically to an agency.”

“Magic questions: What are you looking for? Why now? Why me?”

“The pastor’s job is not to hear the counselee give a monologue, but for there to be a dialogue.”

“The pastor should ask themselves, “What is common and what is unique about this person?””

“Virtually all of the persons who consult the pastor for counseling are suffering from some type of degree of anxiety, depression, or both, and it is important to have some knowledge about them.”

“Part of the pastor’s main job in counseling and care is to encourage the expression of feelings.”

“The pastor’s job is more to ‘care’ than it is to ‘cure.’”

“The pastor is not a family therapist and should not try to be one.”

“The problem that is happening now has a past, has a present, and in some way will have a future.”

“The pastor should always be reading and studying to grow in their knowledge and wisdom, not only in counseling, but in every part of their ministry.”

“Pastors must know resources available for referral for addictions and other things persons may struggle with.”

“A valuable part of the pastor’s work is being a stepping stone for those who need help.”

“A pastor is not a problem solver, but he is to offer a relationship in which the problem can be solved together.”