What qualifies a prayer request as being a major prayer request?

A Way of Categorizing

There are many ways to categorize prayers requests, but here is one of them that I have found helpful.

Somebody getting healed from cancer may sound like a major request, but it is not. Praying for racial reconciliation in America may seem like a major request, but it is not.

What then should be categorized as a major request?

Major requests should be reserved for requests that deal with the eternality of a person’s soul. Therefore, praying for the salvation of a person is the only prayer request that would be categorized as a major request.

Minor Requests

This type of categorization may make it seem as though minor requests are unimportant, that is not true at all, but in the grand scheme of things the major requests deal with one’s eternal destiny.

So yes, let us pray for minor requests, but let us also keep the larger perspective in mind.

Closing Remarks

I once heard a man with cancer say, “What is wrong with us!? I have cancer and I would love to be healed. However, we spend way too much time praying to keep saints out of heaven and way too little time praying for sinners to get into heaven.”

His point: We pray more for the healing of Christians than the salvation of the lost.

Let’s reconsider our priorities and seek to categorize our prayer requests more intentionally with the grand scheme of things in mind.