Often times, when potential pastors and other potential staff interview for a position with a church they are prepared to answer questions, but they forget to ask questions.

The Big Six

Here are six crucial questions that you should ask the church hiring board.

  • Why are you a member of the church?
  • What does the church do best?
  • What would you change?
  • What are the church’s major goals?
  • When was the church at its best?
  • Are there any unspoken expectations I should be aware of?

After asking each of these questions, it is good to follow up with asking why. “Why do you think the church was at its best during that time? Why would you change that? Why hasn’t that been changed? Why do you think the church does that so well? Etc.”

What are some other helpful questions that a potential pastor or potential staff member should ask the hiring board?